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Carbon brush, AEG washing machine - 5 mm x 12,5 mm x 34 mm (set)

Carbon brush, AEG washing machine - 5 mm x 12,5 mm x 34 mm (set)
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  • Height
    5 mm
  • Width
    12,5 mm
  • Depth
  • Length
    34 mm
  • Data
  • Diameter
  • Colour
  • Material
  • Volt/Watt
  • of 5 (1= Easy / 5= Complex)
The original brush holder is marked "L".

Please be advised that the models mentioned are be manufactured with three different types of motors and carbon brushes – these carbon brushes are only suitable for machines with carbon brushes similar to those in the picture.
Before replacing the carbon brushes you should examine whether there are burrs and irregularities on the commutator (the part that connects the carbon brush to the motor) – remove these by grinding and clean the machine to remove excess carbon dust.
The listed price is for 2 pc(s)

Lavamat 521
Lavamat 540
Lavamat 549
Lavamat 560
Lavamat 565
Lavamat 569
Lavamat 570
Lavamat 571
Lavamat 610
Lavamat 645
Lavamat 660
Lavamat 665
Lavamat 681
Lavamat 693

Elmatic 1000
Elmatic 1200

and other models…
Rating for Carbon brush, AEG washing machine - 5 mm x 12,5 mm x 34 mm (set)
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