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Important about heat pumps for dishwashers

When your heat pump is manufactured with a heat pump (circulation pump combined with heating element), pay particular attention to the following, which may cause the heat pump to break:

  1. Too much detergent: If you use all in one tablets, you should only use half a tablet to avoid detergent residue on the heating element. Alternatively you can use powder or smaller tablets.
  2. Detergent tablets with foil: If you use detergent tablets where the foil is not to be removed, you should avoid short and cold programs, as the foil will not dissolve. Instead the foil will settle on the heating element.
  3. Descaling: If the correct amount of salt is used, descaling shouldn't be necessary. However, it can be difficult to know if the amount of salt is dosed 100% correct, and therefore it may be a good idea to descale the dishwasher once in a while. This way you'll be completely sure that limescale won't settle on the heating element.
Once the damage is done and the heating element of the heat pump is defective, there's no other solution than replacing the heat pump. However, once the heat pump is replaced, you should pay particular attention to the above.
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