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Insert for descaler, Dolce Gusto espresso machine

Insert for descaler, Dolce Gusto espresso machine
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  • Volt/Watt
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Drop KP350110/7Z1
Drop KP350110/HG1
Drop KP350111/7Z1
Drop KP350111/HG1
Drop KP350131/7Z1
Drop KP350131/HG1
Drop KP350140/7Z1
Drop KP350510/7Z1
Drop KP350510/HG1
Drop KP350511/7Z1
Drop KP350531/7Z1
Drop KP350531/HG1
Drop KP350540/7Z1
Drop KP350565/7Z1
Drop KP350566/7Z1
Drop KP350B10/7Z1
Drop KP350B10/HG1
Drop KP350B31/7Z1
Drop KP350B31/HG1
Drop KP350B40/7Z1
Drop KP350B40/HG1
Drop KP350B65/7Z1
Drop KP350B66/7Z1
Drop PJ350554/7Z1
Drop PJ350554/HG1
Drop PJ350555/7Z1
Drop PJ350555/HG1
Drop PV350B58/7Z1
Drop PV350B58/HG1
Esperta KP310510/7Z0
Esperta KP310531/7Z0
Esperta KP310810/7Z0
Esperta KP310831/7Z0
Esperta KP310866/7Z0
Infinissima KP170110/7Z0
Infinissima KP170131/7Z0
Infinissima KP170140/7Z0
Infinissima KP170166/7Z0
Infinissima KP170510/7Z0
Infinissima KP170531/7Z0
Infinissima KP170540/7Z0
Infinissima KP170810/7Z0
Infinissima KP170831/7Z0
Infinissima KP170840/7Z0
Infinissima KP170866/7Z0
Infinissima KP173B10/7Z0
Infinissima KP173B31/7Z0
Infinissima KP173BCH/7Z0
Infinissima PJ1705B1/7Z0
Infinissima PJ1705B2/7Z0
Infinissima PJ1708B1/7Z0
Infinissima PJ1708B2/7Z0
Infinissima PV170558/7Z0
Lumio KP130110/7Z0
Lumio KP130111/7Z0
Lumio KP130131/7Z0
Lumio KP130140/7Z0
Lumio KP130165/7Z0
Lumio KP130166/7Z0
Lumio KP130510/7Z0
Lumio KP130511/7Z0
Lumio KP130531/7Z0
Lumio KP130540/7Z0
Lumio KP130565/7Z0
Lumio KP130566/7Z0
Lumio KP130810/7Z0
Lumio KP130811/7Z0
Lumio KP130831/7Z0
Lumio KP130840/7Z0
Lumio KP130866/7Z0
Lumio PJ130154/7Z0
Lumio PJ130155/7Z0
Lumio PJ130554/7Z0
Lumio PJ130555/7Z0
Lumio PJ130854/7Z0
Lumio PJ130855/7Z0
Lumio PV130858/7Z0
Movenza 127V PJ600854/7Z0
Movenza 220V PJ600855/7Z0
Movenza KP600810/7Z0
Movenza KP600811/7Z0
Movenza KP600831/7Z0
Movenza KP600840/7Z0
Movenza KP600866/7Z0
Movenza KP600E10/7Z0
Movenza KP600E11/7Z0
Movenza KP600E31/7Z0
Movenza KP600E40/7Z0
Movenza KP600E66/7Z0
Movenza PV600858/7Z0
Piccolo KP100066/HG3
Piccolo Xs KP1A0110/HG0
Piccolo Xs KP1A0131/HG0
Piccolo Xs KP1A0140/HG0
Piccolo Xs KP1A0166/HG0
Piccolo Xs KP1A01CH/HG0
Piccolo Xs KP1A0510/HG0
Piccolo Xs KP1A0531/HG0
Piccolo Xs KP1A0540/HG0
Piccolo Xs KP1A0810/HG0
Piccolo Xs KP1A0831/HG0
Piccolo Xs KP1A0840/HG0
Piccolo Xs KP1A0865/HG0
Piccolo Xs KP1A0866/HG0
Piccolo Xs KP1A08CH/HG0
Piccolo Xs PV1A0158/HG0
Piccolo Xs PV1A0558/HG0
Piccolo Xs PV1A0858/HG0

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