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Suspension leg, AEG washing machine - 215 - 255 mm

Suspension leg, AEG washing machine - 215 - 255 mm
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  • Height
  • Width
  • Depth
  • Length
    215 - 255 mm
  • Data
  • Diameter
  • Colour
  • Material
  • Volt/Watt
  • of 5 (1= Easy / 5= Complex)
Lavamat 13.50
Lavamat 15.50

Lavamat 646EX
Lavamat 666EX
Lavamat 747EX
Lavamat 767EX

Lavamat 1402
Lavamat 1403
Lavamat 1600SL
Lavamat 3200
Lavamat 3400
Lavamat 5210
Lavamat 5220
Lavamat 5410
Lavamat 5420
Lavamat 6240
Lavamat 6410
Lavamat 6420
Lavamat 6440
Lavamat 6461EX
Lavamat 6465N
Lavamat 6610
Lavamat 6661EX
Lavamat 7200
Lavamat 7256
Lavamat 7400
Lavamat 7401
Lavamat 7403
Lavamat 7405
Lavamat 7407
Lavamat 7450
Lavamat 7456
Lavamat 7650
Lavamat 7685M
Lavamat 8650

Lavamat W720-W
Lavamat W730-W
Lavamat W800
Lavamat W808-W
Lavamat W830
Lavamat W831-W
Lavamat W833-W
Lavamat W834-W
Lavamat W835-W
Lavamat W850
Lavamat W853
Lavamat W855
Lavamat W857
Lavamat W859
Lavamat W880-W
Lavamat W937

Lavamat W1000
Lavamat W1030
Lavamat W1035-W
Lavamat W1036-W
Lavamat W1037
Lavamat W1039-W
Lavamat W1040-W
Lavamat W1047
Lavamat W1049-W
Lavamat W1050
Lavamat W1055
Lavamat W1057
Lavamat W1059
Lavamat W1137
Lavamat W1150
Lavamat W1159
Lavamat W1200
Lavamat W1201
Lavamat W1230
Lavamat W1236-W
Lavamat W1238-W
Lavamat W1239-W
Lavamat W1240-W
Lavamat W1241
Lavamat W1248-W
Lavamat W1249
Lavamat W1250
Lavamat W1255
Lavamat W1256
Lavamat W1258
Lavamat W1259
Lavamat W1350
Lavamat W1440
Lavamat W1441
Lavamat W1449
Lavamat W1450
Lavamat W1451
Lavamat W1455
Lavamat W1456
Lavamat W1459

LOGIC 1800

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Rating for Suspension leg, AEG washing machine - 215 - 255 mm
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