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Waterblock, Universal washing machine
Suitable for models mentioned below  
Waterblock fits all washing machines.

Mechanical waterblock that allows a preset number of liters (2-40) of water to be drained per wash.

The waterblock is mounted between the faucet and the inlet hose. It has 3/4" threading at both ends and fits standard inlet hoses.

Note that standard faucets are 1/2" so it may be necessary to mount a reduction ring on the faucet (this is not included, but this can be ordered at the bottom of the item card).

If more than the preselected number of liters is drained, the Water Block stops the water supply, and it must be reconnected before it works again.

The Water Block prevents the hose from bursting, but does not counteract drip damage. For this purpose, we recommend placing the washing machine or dishwasher on a drip tray (see the bottom of the item card.).

Installation instructions are included.

This is a universal product designed to fit many different brands and models.  See product info for more information.
Instructions included.

Waterblock, Universal washing machine

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