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Model number Dishwasher

The nameplate is a label usually located in one of the following places:

1  On the inside edge of the door – on the right hand side. 
2  At the top of the inner door edge. Note that the nameplate can be worn and the stamp may be difficult to read.
3  On the left of the inner door edge. 

Your model number will usually consist of both letters and numbers – sometimes separated by a hyphen or a slash. 

If you’re still having trouble locating your model number, please feel free to contact costumer service.


Descaler, Universal dishwasher (by Miele)

Descaler, Universal dishwasher (by Miele)

Limescale remover for dishwashers.

This is a universal product designed to fit many different brands and models.  See product info for more information.

Dimensions - 250 g

GBP 11.95